2018 Ford Transit Custom Luton Van from 130bhp to 190bhp

It’s been a busy month so far at RR, check out this huge 2018 Ford Transit Custom Luton van we had in for a stage 1 remap.


We applied our Quantum Blue software raising the power from 130BHP to an impressive 190BHP and 385NM to 480NM!


The customer was over the moon with the new performance and was looking forward to seeing what savings he could achieve on his fuel during his next parcel delivery run.


We’re the only Authorised Quantum Dealer in Shropshire so you can have full faith in the best software on the market!


All of our remaps benefit from the below too:


✔️Increased horsepower

✔️Increased torque

✔️Better throttle response

✔️Smoother power delivery

✔️Improved fuel economy

✔️Safer overtaking


If you’re interested in seeing what we can do with your vehicle then please drop us a message for a free quote!